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The happy lady

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The holy prophet of Islam told to his wife um al Salameh to make ready one of the rooms of the house for his daughter lady Fatimah and his cousin Ali .then he ordered to make up Lady Fatimah and prepare the wedding party. After every one had the dinner of the wedding his holiness asked um al Salameh to bring Lady Fatimah. when lady Fatimah came near the prophet he took her veil off that Ali could see her face then took her hand and put it on Ali’s hand and said:” oh Ali congratulations for marriage to the daughter of the prophet . Know that she is a really good wife and you Fatimah know that Ali is a good and gentle husband for you.’ Then he ordered them to go to their house and wait for him. After a while he went to their home and told them about those who were present there…….

To be continued …


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