Mercy to the world

Mercy to the World (Rahmat lel alamin)June 27, 2014adminLeave a comment

Don’t think that the prophet of Islam was just a young man who rose and started to fight with tyranny and ignorance and injustice of his time and accidentally he was successful. Don’t think that he was a fortunate person who could conquer on all problems and troubles by chance. This was Allah’s will to make the people listen to him and the hearts hear his massage.

His coming had been foretold. Everybody knew that. The migration of folks of the book near the Ohod mountain and the Eer area showed that they were waiting. when they had arrived to the region they sent a message to the others to Kheibar and Fadak that we find the place of the next prophet come here , they sent a message back that we have life and farms here when he appeared inform us( tafsir al nemooneh)

We tell you surely the messenger of God is he who makes everything and everybody happy (Barnaby chapter44 verse 19)

Because he is designed by the sprite of counseling and knowledge (verse21)

The spirit of power and reason (verse22)

What a pleasure was the time I met him and submit my respect to him like other prophets (29)

As I saw him with a great generation I told him oh Muhammad may Lord protect you (31)

These are the sayings of the holy prophet Jesus Christ about the prophet of Islam in the bible called Barnaby

To be continued …


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