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A young boy hurt a camel by his arrow. The owner of the camel was a woman who shouted at the men of her tribe after that why you are quiet and don’t support me. The men of her tribe took their weapons and went to the boy’s tribe and killed the boy. The boy’s relatives in respond attacked to the woman’s tribe and killed some. This conflict and bloodshed continued for years.

This story belongs to the time of ignorance, hatred, attacking and fight and murder. At this time the prophet of Islam Muhammad was chosen by Allah. His entire mission was summarized in one sentence: “I’m chosen to complete noble character traits.”

Instead of hatred and revenge, love and forgiveness. The base of the prophets mission is this; a change in the sight of people which leads to a change in their manner. The manner of the people before Islam can be summarized in one word ‘ignorance” (jahl).Now a days some experts believe that this ignorance means the same as being indifferent. The prophet of Islam replaced being indifferent with responsibility which means every action has a reaction and we must be aware of that reaction, which is the result of our doing.

To be continued …


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