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Interpretation (Tafsir)

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I read Quran and I feel calm when I read it’s rhythmic and nice verses. They have a kind of poetic rhyme. I like to understand them better. It is said that every time you want to talk to God say pray and every time you want Allah talks to you read the holy Quran. I read it but I cannot understand some parts of it properly and its subtitle doesn’t satisfy me. What should I do then? These are the words of lots of people who like to know more about Quran and wish to understand it better. Lots of people like to understand the verses themselves. It needs a kind of special knowledge which is called interpretation (tafsir).
Some people believe that we should just interpret Quran through itself and its other verses .Alameh Tabatabaei is among those interpreters who believe that we should use the holy verses to understand other verses. Other interpreters believe that we can use ah al bait sayings next to verses to understand them better. Here we try to use both ideas to help our readers to understand holy verses better. Here we start with one of the smallest chapters of Quran Al- tohid or A-l ekhlas(The unity) . But why this chapter?
To understand these holy verses first we should know the one who had sent them down. This chapter is somehow the ID of Allah himself. A God who has no father or mother to be departed from, or he doesn’t have any children to separate from him. Allah is a God whose hands are not tied and is the end and aim of all creatures. He is not in need of anything and he includes everything. The entire ways end with him and nothing can be equal with him.
In the name of Allah the most Beneficent The most merciful
Say He Allah is One. Allah is He on Whom all depend. He begets not nor is He begotten. And none is like Him.
To be continued  …

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