Treaties of rights

Treaties of rights

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After the France revolution when everything calm down and the situation was ready some of the politician wrote the new rules of France. At the beginning they talked about human rights. It took two years to be this time the USA was independent and they also talked about human rights. Of course in America this doesn’t include black people and until 1862 they were still slaves not citizens. After some years and after World War II politician again talked about human rights and this time they wrote the human rights declaration .At first everybody thinks that this declaration is for everyone’s freedom but in reality it’s just for superpowers. But in the time that there was no kinds of freedom and every one suffered from tyranny Imam Sajad the forth Imam of Shias wrote the treaties of rights which includes 40 human rights. It is very interesting that Imam Sajad wrote these treaties without paying attention to the ban of freedom of speech in his time.

To be continued …


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