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What made us to start this online magazine were recent events have been happening around the world to Muslims. The one who decided to burn the holy Quran was asked if he had ever read this book and the answer was no. He is not aware that every prophet he believes on or every religion he follows, insulting Quran is insulting to his prophet while in this very book all the prophets are mentioned gratefully and they are respected all. In fact this book is a reference to confirm all other prophets. In this very holy book some of the chapters have the names of the previous prophets or saint such as Joseph, Hood Abraham or Marry. In different parts of this book we have the names and the stories of other prophets like Moses and Jesus. (Most of the verses of the second chapter are about the prophet Moses). In this holy book Allah talks about the holy prophet Jesus Christ and his mother very respectfully and talks about the modesty and dignity of his mother near Allah .Quran is a book that was insprated to prophet of Islam. He was bothered a lot to do his mission. Durin23 years, he had never complained about the hardships and with a good manner and respectful words invited people to the right path.


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