The happy lady

The happy lady (part 2)

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At the wedding day after the ceremony lady Fatima and Ali went to their house and were waiting for the holy prophet of Islam, at this time she remembered one night one of the companions came to propose her .He was a rich man and like the days of ignorance he was just thinking about money and properties so he said to the holy prophet:” if you let me marry Fatima I will put100 camels with precious clothes and1000 dinar as her dowry.”
The holy prophet of Islam became so angry and told him:” do you think I am the servant of money? That you want to show off with your money to me.”
He wanted to buy her just like the old times and the times of ignorance. He came to take her in return of money and properties of this world.
The voice of the prophet took her out of her memories .The prophet of Islam entered and sat beside her.
Ali came to propose. All the people of the city heard about that. Prophet accepted his proposal and let him marry his daughter. He does not have any thing…..the prophet asked her to bring him some water. Then he wet her chest with water and wished her the best .The holy prophet looked up and said:” oh Allah this is my beloved daughter and he is my brother whom I love more than anybody else, oh Allah put him the leader of Muslims and merry this marriage.” Then he looked at them and congratulated both of them for this marriage.
To be continued…..

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