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In the previous article we talked about the situation of the unbelievers at the time of the holy prophet of Islam. We said that they didn’t pay attention to the results of their actions and they did whatever the liked. This kind of behavior was common among the people of the other prophets too. People who didn’t have any believes and didn’t afraid of the punishment of the other world. Jesus Christ is one of the great prophets (one of the possessors of firmness and determination) .his twelve apostles were believers but they didn’t do according the divine manner. They asked the holy prophet Jesus Christ for the divine table but not politely, “Jesus son of Mary, can your lord send down a table from heaven for us? (The holy Quran. chapter 5.v.112)
The first point here is that they were testing Jesus Christ. And the other point is that they were asking to check the power of the lord and see if he fulfills the request of the Jesus or not. This shows their doubt and the Jesus warned them to know their level and do not be like unbelievers. We can figure out from among the verses that this request was so hard for Jesus because he showed them lots of miracles and this request was an impolite one. His holiness asked Allah so politely “oh my Lord give us Your bounties and You are the one Who gives food to all creatures.” He was grown up by one of the best women of the world so his request was in the best way. In his request he asked Allah so politely for the table to put that day as a feast and this shows his intelligence.
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