Mercy to the world

Mercy to the world

The holy prophet’s patience

July 19, 2014AdminLeave a comment

The holy prophet of Islam was so patient in his home and with others. One of his companions says: “I was with prophet and at his service for 9 years but I never saw he complaint about anything or nagging.’ What does this action show? Does it mean that that person never made any mistake or he didn’t do anything wrong or the prophet was so kind and patient?
The holy prophet of Islam acted moderately with his family and was patient with his enemies. He was always strong and firm and never complaint about problems and difficulties. The holy prophet says that a patient person has 3 characteristics:
First he is not lazy, second he never nags and third he never complaint about anything. These are the signs of a healthy persona person who is away from depression and stress. A person who is always energetic and thankful to the lord.” Do not worry for god is with us” (the holy Quran. Ch9.v.40)
To be continued….

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