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Few days ago we had the anniversary of birthday of the best lady in the world, Lady Fatimah. We just celebrate this day and pass it.
“We have given you plenty” (the holy quran.ch.108.v.1) Days are coming and going but we haven’t been able to do the best. We have not figure out our short coming or understand this lady very good. We never understand that we are not complete. So we don’t pay attention to the best and complete people to learn how we can live in the best way. Allah puts the way in front of us and we should learn how to fly just like little birds from the mother. She is a mother whose life was just like a school for us. But we didn’t try to study in this school to learn the way of life. We must know that we should fly so high and we can’t fly without a good trainer. We must be aware that time is limited so we should change the way of our lives as fast as we can .We should learn from her who was the best student of her father. The father who called her um –abiha (the mother of father) and every time he saw her he said:” may your father scarify for you.” Congratulations the birthday of our lady Fatimah and the mother’s day to all mothers and women in the world .Muslim or non-Muslim. We want you our dear readers to put your comments for us about every article that we have in this website. And help us to improve this.

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