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The happy lady part 3

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After marriage, Lady Fatima decided to work to help more in her family. So she and her husband went near the holy prophet to set their duties at home and in the family. The prophet told them that the house chore is with the wife and earning money is with the husband.so the new couple started their life together near each other. Every day Ali went to work and by watering and selling water earned money and Lady Fatima was working in the house. On those days house chores were so hard. Once she showed her hands to her husband and told him that her hands were injured because of the hard works. So she went to her father to ask for a servant, but she went back home without talking about her request. Her husband asked her:” so why didn’t you ask your father to give you a servant?” she answered:” I could not ask him because I was shy.” So her husband suggested going near the prophet together. But the prophet told them;’ while there are some of the Muslims hungry near me I cannot give you a servant.”
So they went back home. At night while they were becoming ready for sleep the holy prophets of Islam knock the door. They wanted to open the door but the prophet said; no need to open the door. Just listen to the words that Gabriel taught me, before sleep every night and after saying daily pray, say these word,24 times Allah is great( Allah-o-Akbar) 23 times glory to Allah( sobhan Allah) and 23 times prays to be Allah( al hamd –o –lellah).this is better than what you had wanted before.’
After some years Ali (p.b.u.h) said that;” I’ve never forgotten saying these words since the holy prophet taught us. This is the eternal happiness that every one learns such good words for the sake of Lady Fatima.”
To be continued…..

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