Mercy to the world

Mercy to the world

Allah’s help

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Once a man went near the holy prophet of Islam and told him:” I have a family that every time I join them they bother me a lot and I want to leave them and quit my relation with them”
The prophet of Islam answered him:” if you do it Allah will leave you alone and you will be all by yourself”
The man was surprised and asked:” then what should I do to them?!” the holy prophet answered:” forgive the one who bothers you and join those who leave you and be kind and forgive the one who was cruel with you so Allah will be your companion and your supporter .”
Just think a little more during an argument the one who does not swear and say bad words is the winner. The one who forgives has a better feeling and without hate is happier and lively .Let’s think more and see which group we are .Those who can keep their head up and Allah is with them or those who are nervous and confused without the help of Allah?

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