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The prophet’s mildness

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Once a Jew stopped the prophet of Islam and claimed that the prophet owed him some money. And he should pay him at once. The prophet said:” I do not owe you anything but at last let me go home and bring you some money”. The Jew said;” I won’t let you go back”. The prophet was quiet. The man started to pull the dress of the prophet in a way that hurt his holiness neck. His holiness was going to mosque to say pray so the people worried for him because he was late. So they went after him. They saw that his holiness was in the street and a Jew stopped him and was insulting him. The wanted to fight with that man .but the prophet of Islam stopped them and told them that:” I know how to deal with my friend”. Then he started to talk to him so kindly and with patience. The Jew was so surprised when he saw the manner of the prophet so he was ashamed and at that time he converted to Islam. Then he said that just the men of god can have such a nice behavior. This kind of patience belongs to prophets. So you are chosen by god.


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