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Editorial 3

July 19, 2014AdminLeave a comment

The prophet of Islam says:” it is suitable that a wise person divides his time to 4 parts, one part for praying, one part for personal affairs, and one part for going near the scientists and learn something about religion and good knowledge, and one part for halal recreation and fun.”
One of the advices of the prophet here is that studying about religion. This does not belong to any special group and every Muslim should do it. A good society is the one which is clean from every kind of superstitions and its people are knowledgable. When people of a society have a program for their free time and study or read books the society will have knowledgeable members who think more rationally about the situations and can make good decisions but a society in which people just trust to others knowledge may not be able to make the best decision. Here our team is trying to prepare a good space for studying more about religion and provide our dear readers the knowledge that they need. At the end we should add that all of your comments are welcomed.

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