Jesus Christ manner part 3

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In the previous part we started to talk about the manner and behavior of the holy prophet Jesus Christ toward Allah and we had some examples .Here we have more of his politeness towered Allah: his holiness says to Allah:” until I was among them I prevented them from paganism and stopped them not to pave the wrong way. But since you have taken me from them you are witness yourself and aware of their deeds.” Then he told Allah:” with all of these things Your word is the last word and we obey Your orders. If You want to punish them for their sins You can and if You want forgive them You are the most Powerful and the most Wise.Neithe Your forgiveness is the sign of weakness nor Your punishment is without fair judgment.” In all of these words you can feel the great respect from the side of Jesus toward his Lord .He is so humble and polite and in every part of his words he mentions that he is just the Lord’s slave and the last decision belongs to Allah and he obeys it.
To be continued…………..


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