Treaties of rights

Treaties of rights part 3

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In continuous of our discussion we reached the rights of Allah .here we must talk a little about the sincerity (ekhlas). Free people worship Allah and they don’t want any reward in return .They worship neither for paradise nor for bounties of the Lord. They worship Allah because they believe that He deserves it and pray is just to Him. In holy Quran Satan confesses that he is not able to misguide those who are sincere and pious. So avoiding his temptation is possible just through sincere praying and worships. Allah in holy Quran says: “yet they have merely been ordered to worship God sincerely” (holy Loqman says to his son to be so sincere and pious “be sincere in your actions because the One Who sees all of them is so great and wise. “But sincerity has two calamities; one is vanity that means to be proud and think that he is the best person and so deserved, and the other is hypocrisy .Imam Sajad says to Allah in one of his praying that” oh my Lord help me to be sincere in my praying and do not mix it with vanity.”
To be continued…….


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