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How awesome is the mercy of Allah upon us every day. To be closer to Him, He makes different ways, the night of wishes (lailah al raqaeb).Call me to answer you specially. This is the beginning .this month is yours, call Me and try.Be sure that you may receive an answer may be not at this night but so soon. This month is the month of try. Rajab month is the month of start and Shaban is the month of moving forward and Ramedan is the month of flying .In the night of Qadr the angels come down but as much as they come down you should fly higher to reach them. Every year they come down but why there is no contact?!The holy Quran says that they come down but why lots of us cannot understand it. We should try hard and Allah will help us .He Himself says that He will support and help the believers in this world and the next world certainly, those who are supported by Allah are winners. But here are some conditions. First you must believe and it must be appear in your deeds, we should not be lazy and should be strong and do not be sad and afraid of the troubles and problems. The other one is that we start changes from ourselves for Allah won’t change anything except the people want and start the changes themselves. If we decide to be closer to our lord we should avoid his enemies even if they are our relatives, then Allah will put the faith in our heart. At the end we thank all of you our readers and please do share your ideas and opinions with our team .all of your comments are welcomed.

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