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Al-tafsir part6

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In this part we started with three important verses of the holly Quran. (255-256-257).” Allah! There is no deity except Him. The Living, the Eternal. “The holy prophet of Islam said that one of the important verses of the holy Quran is these three verses. Everyone who read them after his daily praying at the moment of death he is happy and relax. Imam Ali mentioned that the holy prophet of Islam said the one who reads these three verses he will enter the paradise easily .Allah is a special name for God.This means the one who has all the best attributes of glory, perfection and beauty. He is the creator of this world so no god is deserved to be worship beside the meaning of the word Allah we can find unity and the first sentence of these verses emphasizes on this idea. (الحی) the Living means the one who has a firm living. This word emphasizes on firmness and eternity. This living is not given by any one and there is no death and end for this living.” Rely on the Living one Who never dies.”(Holy Quran ch.25.v.58) This means the eternal living belongs to Allah and there is no end and death to Him.
To be continued………………………..a

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