Mercy to the world

Mercy to the world

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The holy prophet of Islam paid attention to everything in his very holy life. His holiness says: “if someone kills one sparrow without any reason and just for fun in the resurrection day and the Day of Judgment that sparrow asks Allah to let him ask that person who killed him why he did this action while he had no benefit for that person.” When we look at the manner of the holly prophet of Islam we can see that his holiness was so exact and sharp about every small and un- important things in this world. A sparrow! His holiness said this little bird’s message to us .A bird that cannot save himself from human and his harms. A bird that can do nothing in return of oppression about it, but just complains to Allah in the resurrection day and the Day of Judgment. Attention!! Every oppressed whose rights are tress passed can complain to Allah in the day of judgment and Allah listen to him and pays attention to him. By this saying the holly prophet of Islam wanted to tell us when Allah listen to A sparrow definitely he listens to those people whom we my tress pass their rights so we must be aware of that.

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